AGS Model UN Travels to D.C.

By: Grey Poole (’26)

On February 1, 19 AGS students left for the airport and headed for D.C. to participate in a prestigious Model United Nations (Model UN) Conference. It was the eleventh annual Model UN conference, focusing on the African continent and hosted at American University. Participants included 900 students from around the world, including schools from Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and more!

You may be asking yourself, what is the Model United Nations? To answer that, first, you would have to know about the United Nations (UN). The UN formed in 1945, the year WWⅡ ended and has grown to 193 member participants and two observers. The UN has one overall goal: world peace. Model United Nations is a simulation for students in high school and college to dive deep into different worldviews in order to create logical and long-lasting solutions. While AGS does a fantastic job recognizing foreign perspectives, Model UN allows its students to take their learning outside the classroom and demonstrate it in discussions and debates.

We prepared for months going into this conference in order to represent our school and assigned countries well. Three AGS students earned awards at the conference including Brooke Bailey, Caira Murray, and Zayna Khalifa, who earned the highest award possible! Additionally, the entire team was consistently given the feedback that we were some of the most well-researched, innovative, and empathetic delegates in dealing with these real-world crises. It’s safe to say we made a name for AGS’ Model UN team on the international stage.

Our adventure didn’t end after the conference. We had the opportunity to meet His Excellency, Lazarus O. Amayo, the Kenyan Ambassador. He taught us about his experiences working as an ambassador stationed in D.C., and we learned about diplomacy and international relations. We explored the National Mall (no, not like the shopping ones). We took tours of Georgetown University, Howard University, and even the Capitol Building! To end our trip, we went to The African American History and Culture Museum to see important and thought-provoking exhibits, such as Afrofuturism, superheroes, and music! Finally, I just want to say on behalf of the team, thank you to Ms. Byrne and Ms. M for chaperoning this trip. We hope to go back again next year!