A hands-on learning space for students and faculty, the AGS garden is sustainable and incorporates environmentally sound practices.

Hands-on Learning

Situated on the northeast corner of our six-acre campus, the garden gets ample sunlight throughout the day. With the help of our local and long-term partner Farmer D Organics, the AGS garden includes 15 raised beds that are planted with summer fruits and vegetables (such as eggplants, tomatoes, watermelon) and winter vegetables (including lettuce, kale, arugula, cabbage, broccoli, and pumpkins).

Goals this year are to make it a zero-input garden, to utilize only organic fertilizer, to increase the composting program, and to attract as many beneficial insects and animals as possible.

Collaborative Learning

Recognizing that girls learn best when they see relationships between subjects and meaning within topics, AGS faculty create classrooms full of hands-on meaning-making activities, collaborative learning experiences, and connection-making conversations.

The garden is currently incorporated heavily into the 7th and 9th grade science curriculum, where teachers involve the garden in weekly course work. In other departments, students will examine geometric patterns in plants, the history of farming and planting, and how to order in a restaurant using a foreign language all through the garden classroom.